Tips For Those Who Have To Wear Nitrile Gloves All Day

Wearing gloves all day is necessary for some professions. Chances are, you spend many hours wearing gloves if you work as a doctor, a nurse, or a dentist or dental hygienist. This is necessary for your own protection and for the protection of your patients, but it does come with some downfalls. Gloves have the potential to make your hands dry, overly sweaty, and sometimes even smelly. But it does not have to be this way if you follow these tips. 

Buy properly sized gloves

In some offices, hospitals, and labs, whoever orders the gloves orders one size and hopes that everyone can make do. But wearing gloves that are too large can cause you to sweat more since there will be warm air trapped in the gloves alongside your hands. And wearing gloves that are too small can make your hands feel cramped and dry. If your office only buys one size of gloves, ask them whether they can switch to ordering small, medium, and large. Other workers will appreciate it, too. If you are responsible for supplying your own gloves, make sure you're ordering the size that fits you best. 

Do choose nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves cost more than latex gloves, which can make it tempting to just buy latex ones instead. If you don't have a latex allergy, you may figure these gloves are just as good. But actually, nitrile tends to be less irritating when you have to wear gloves all day. It's worth paying a tiny bit more for nitrile gloves if it means you'll end the day being more comfortable.

Don't use hot air dryers

When you take a break, remove your gloves, and wash your hands, don't follow up the washing with a hot air dryer. This dries your hands out right before you put them back into gloves, so they don't have a chance to re-moisten from the surrounding air again. When you're someone who wears gloves all day, only dry your hands with paper towels or towels. And consider using a lightly moisturizing soap so your hands have a mild coating of moisture before you put the gloves on.

Wearing nitrile gloves all day does not have to be a major annoyance. If you choose gloves that fit, stick with a nitrile material, and avoid using hot air dryers after washing your hands, you'll be off to a good start. Give these habits a try.

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