Options To Consider When Shopping For PPE Gloves

Gloves are a highly valuable type of personal protective equipment that people can use in all sorts of environments. While the use of PPE gloves is prevalent at any COVID-related testing or vaccination site, you'll also find some people wearing these gloves when they work in regular businesses such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and even retail stores. If you're in charge of ordering PPE products for your staff members to use, you'll want to choose a medical equipment supplier that carries a large selection of gloves. Beyond ensuring that you have gloves in several different sizes, here are some important options to keep in mind as you place your order.


PPE gloves are made of several different materials, and it's generally a good idea to have a few options available for your staff. Latex gloves are a common option, but it's important to know that some people suffer from latex allergies. An individual who is allergic to latex would likely develop a serious skin rash upon wearing this type of glove. While some of your staff members may be happy to wear latex, you'll want to ensure that other gloves are available. Nitrile and vinyl are two other choices that are readily available. Each of these boxes will be clearly marked so that there won't be any confusion when someone reaches for a pair of gloves.


Another thing you'll see when you browse the glove options on a medical equipment supplier's website is that some gloves are powdered and others are not. People have different preferences about each of these options. A light dusting of powder on the surface of the gloves makes them easier for people to slide on and off, which may be important for those who need to don their gloves quickly. Some people don't like the feeling of the powder transferring to their skin and will favor non-powdered gloves. Having both options available will enjoy that your staff members can use what they prefer.

Cuff Length

While it's important to have several glove sizes available, you'll also want to ensure that you have gloves with different cuff lengths. Some people will favor shorter gloves, while others will prefer wearing those with longer cuffs. If an individual is highly concerned about germ transmission, they'll likely feel more confident with longer gloves — especially when they wear a PPE gown and can stretch the glove cuffs over the gown's sleeves. Shorter gloves are often favored because they're easy to get on and off. Learn more about PPE gloves at a medical equipment supplier. Visit someone like Butler Med to browse their products.

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