Does Your Organization Cater To The Senior Population? 4 Benefits Of Adding Indoor Stair Lifts To The Building

Many religious organizations and charities cater to seniors who benefit from their services. As a planner for your organization, you might have noticed that certain parts of the building aren't senior-friendly. Staircases often pose a problem for people with limited mobility, and they can be virtually impossible for someone to go up or down in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, older buildings might not have space for an elevator, or your organization might lack the funds for expensive repairs. You can use indoor stair lifts to provide these benefits for your organization and the seniors who visit the location.

Find a Cost-Effective Way to Increase Accessibility

A stair lift is an investment that your organization can use to help people with limited mobility for years to come. Compared to an elevator, a stair lift is typically much more affordable. You won't have to clear out existing space for an elevator shaft. Chair lifts for stairs fit onto the structure that is already in place so that you don't have to do a complete remodel to the building.

Make Everyone Feel Welcome

When people depend upon your organization, the last thing you want is for them to feel like they cannot come to the building. Providing access to all levels of the building means that your organization's guests will feel welcome from the moment they walk inside. A chair lift sends an instant message that your organization cares about creating an inclusive environment.    

Avoid Being Liable for Serious Injuries

People who use wheelchairs must sometimes face challenging decisions when they encounter stairs. An elderly person who still has the ability to walk might decide to take their chances and leave their wheelchair behind if they can't see any other way to go to the next floor. Other people might try to carry a vulnerable senior while someone else brings their wheelchair upstairs. All of these scenarios increase the risk of injuries. Indoor wheelchair stair lifts allow people to stay seated in their mobility device while safely moving up and down the staircase. 

Improve the Safety of a Staircase Fast

There might be reasons why your organization can't wait for lengthy remodeling services to be completed. For example, a religious organization might offer services throughout the week, and having to move everyone to a new location would be a hassle. You might also have an upcoming event planned that is likely to attract people with disabilities. An indoor stair lift is usually installed within a day, and people can begin using it shortly after. This gives your organization a fast way to remedy accessibility problems so that everyone can stay safe when they use the building.

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