Answers To A Few Questions About Getting An MRI

Medical diagnostic equipment and procedures can be essential in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions. However, these devices can be extremely complicated, and it can be common for patients to be uninformed about these procedures. For those that are suffering from internal medical problems, an MRI may be needed to provide your doctor with a better understanding of what is happening inside the body, and if you have never gone through the experience of having an MRI, it may be beneficial to learn the following answers to some questions new MRI patients commonly need answered.

Will You Be Exposed To Radiation During Your MRI?

There are many medical devices that utilize x-rays and other forms of radiation to obtain images of the body's interior. Not surprisingly, there are many patients that want to limit their exposure to this harmful radiation. Fortunately, if you are one of these patients, you should be relieved to learn that MRIs do not utilize radiation. Rather, these machines use magnetic fields to generate images of the body, which makes them a safe option.

How Long Will Your MRI Take?

The process of having an MRI done can be rather lengthy. Unlike x-rays that can be taken in a matter of seconds, an MRI can take up to an hour to create an image of the body's interior. The exact amount of time needed will vary based on the area of the body being imaged, but your MRI technician should be able to give you an estimated amount of time needed to complete the scan. The results from this procedure will usually be available to your doctor within a couple of days, which can help ensure that your treatment proceeds as quickly as possible.

Are There MRI Options For Claustrophobic Patients?

Sadly, there are many patients that may suffer from claustrophobia. This condition can cause patients to experience intense anxiety when they are in confined spaces. For patients that suffer from this condition, it may be necessary to opt for an open MRI. These are MRIs that are designed to be as open as possible for patients that struggle with confined spaces.

However, you should be aware that open MRIs can still feel somewhat confined to patients that suffer from intense claustrophobia. In these instances, the patient may need to be sedated for the procedure. While this may require the patient to have someone else drive them home after the procedure, it can be a small price to pay for avoiding the unpleasantness of a claustrophobia attack.

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