Tips For Cleaning Medical Devices In The Home

If you are using any sort of medical device, you are going to need to make sure that it is cleaned on a regular basis in order to make sure that you remain healthy. If this device is being shared with more than one person, such as if you are a parent that has a nebulizer for two children that have asthma, you especially need to take special precautions that a cold that one child has does not infect the other child. Here are some tips for cleaning medical devices.

1. Check the Medical Device's Guidelines for the Cleaning Solution You Should Use

Your first step is to check the medical device's instruction booklet to figure out what kinds of cleaners are safe to use on the medical device. If those cleaners can easily be purchased on the Internet or in a store nearby, purchase them and use them exclusively on the devices. This will allow you to make sure that you don't accidentally harm your equipment or accidentally void the warranty. 

If you are not able to purchase the cleaners that the medical device guidelines suggest, check the active ingredient that is in the suggested cleaners. This should be easy to verify by simply looking it up on your favorite search engine. Then, go to the store and find a mild cleanser that has the same active ingredient at the same intensity. This will help you reduce the chances that you might accidentally damage your device.

If no cleaners at all are listed, call your doctor or the nearest hospital and find out what cleaners they use to clean similar medical devices.

2. Set Up Guidelines in the Home About Cleaning the Devices

If you are sharing a medical device between two children or you are simply trying to keep your medical device as clean as possible, you will need to regularly get into a cleaning schedule. This will allow you to make sure that the devices are cleaned every time. Once you determine when the best time to clean the devices is, write down the guidelines and post them in a central location of your house or on the device itself. This will allow you to ensure that anyone using the device will put it back so that it is clean or put it in the appropriate spot to be cleaned.

For additional assurance that your medical devices are clean, purchase medical device cleaning validation equipment from suppliers, such as Nelson Laboratories.

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