5 Surprising Signs It's Time To See A Doctor About Your Hearing

When you're struggling with a hearing problem, you shouldn't wait to see your doctor about getting a full medical checkup, as this can reveal an issue or condition with your hearing or your ears that is easily corrected. Even if a sudden hearing loss or other issue cannot be corrected with medication or surgery, a hearing aid can ensure your safety and comfort. Consider five surprising signs it's time to see a doctor about your ears or your hearing.

1. The television seems to be getting quieter

If you need to consistently turn up the volume of the television and others around you complain that it's too loud, chances are it's not the TV that's the issue. One early sign of failing hearing is when you cannot hear sounds from a distance, such as a TV that's across the room. Rather than blaring the volume, having your hearing checked.

2. Background noises drown out other sounds

When your ears cannot distinguish between background noises and someone talking right next to you, this too is a sign that your hearing is failing. The inner workings of the ear should be able to distinguish between sounds that are in the distance while focusing on sounds coming from someone close, much like your eyes are able to focus. When this begins to fail, a hearing aid can assist.

3. When noises get fuzzy and unfocused

Another function of the inner ear is to keep sounds crisp and clear, and when they get fuzzy, just as when your eyesight begins to get fuzzy, it's time to have your hearing checked. If people seem to be mumbling when they speak or music seems to be somewhat drab, this is often an early sign of hearing failure.

4. When you cannot hear high-pitched sounds

One sign of early hearing loss is not being able to hear high-pitched sounds, such as birds chirping or certain ringtones on a cell phone. If you're watching birds out your window and you know you should be able to hear them singing, or other people can hear a cell phone ringing and you cannot, this should be brought to the attention of your doctor.

5. When you hear popping, crackling, hissing, or other sounds inside your ears

Tinnitus is a condition that causes consistent noises inside your ears, usually a humming, hissing, or other such sound. In some cases it can be treated with medication and in other cases, surgery may be necessary along the inner ear. If ignored, this condition can get worse and cause hearing loss, headaches, and emotional distress. Bring this to the attention of your doctor as soon as you notice it.

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